Auntie Anne's Menu Prices

Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices

Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices are very curious. For this reason, we have prepared the updated Auntie Anne’s Menu Price list for you. By following our site, you can reach up-to-date menu prices such as Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices. The menu prices of the Auntie Anne’s brand, which has many branches, are frequently searched. You can follow our website for menu prices research. We offer you the most up-to-date Auntie Anne’s menu prices.

You can find the menu prices of the brand you want to research on our website. You can also access the menu of the restaurant, cafe or fastfood store you want from the search field above. Here are the new Auntie Anne’s Menu prices.

auntie annes prices
auntie annes prices

Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices

Auntie Anne’s is a bakery chain specializing in various pretzels. Auntie Anne’s prices are very competitive as they are usually sold in malls where customers have other choices of food and snacks to purchase. The bakery is very popular among the younger crowd.

Although they are known for their pretzels, Auntie Anne’s also has Pretzel Dogs which are essentially a form of hot dog. They also have a wide variety of dips that go great with their pretzels. Their products also come in bake-at-home kits that can be prepared in one’s home.

New Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices;


Pretzel Nuggets & Soda Combo$6.37
Pretzel Nuggets & Lemonade Combo$6.97
Mini Pretzel Dogs & Soda Combo$7.25
Mini Pretzel Dogs & Lemonade Combo$7.85
Pretzel Dogs2 Pc.$6.00
Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices

Specialty Pretzels

Pretzel Dog$3.59
Mini Pretzel Dog$4.99
Pepperoni Pretzel$3.59
Original Pretzel Nuggets$3.79
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets$3.79
Cheddar Stuffed Pretzel Nuggets (Limited Time)$4.99
Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices

Signature Pretzels

Original Pretzel$3.29
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel$3.29
Jalapeno Pretzel$3.29
Sweet Almond Pretzel$3.29
Sour Cream & Onion Pretzel$3.29
Roasted Garlic & Parmesan Pretzel$3.29
Raisin Pretzel$3.29
Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices
auntie anne's menu
auntie anne’s menu


Melted Cheese Dip$0.89
Caramel Dip$0.79
Cheese Dip$0.79
Hot Salsa Cheese Dip$0.79
Light Cream Cheese Dip$0.79
Marinara Dip$0.79
Sweet Glaze Dip$0.79
Sweet Mustard Dip$0.79
Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices


Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry or Peach)Regular$2.69
Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry or Peach)Large$2.89
Frozen Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango or Strawberry)Regular$2.99
Frozen Lemonade Mixers (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango or Strawberry)Large$3.09
Old Fashioned LemonadeRegular$2.39
Old Fashioned LemonadeLarge$2.59
Coca-Cola ProductsRegular$1.79
Coca-Cola ProductsLarge$1.99
Coca-Cola ProductsBottle$1.89
Sugar Plum Lemonade Mixer (Limited Time)$2.69
Auntie Anne’s Menu Prices

At Auntie Anne’s, a commitment to giving back isn’t merely a motto that hangs on a wall. It’s not a marketing stunt. From day one 30 years ago, giving back has been woven into the fabric of the company. “Auntie” Anne Beiler started baking pretzels to help fund her husband’s desire to provide free family counseling services for their community. 

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He ultimately realized his dream and opened a counseling center. In, as she calls it, “a twist of fate,” Anne found her true calling as an unlikely entrepreneur, taking her business from a single farmer’s market stand to the world’s largest soft pretzel franchise. Throughout it all, Anne remained steadfast in her commitment to giving back, saying, “Caring for other people is the purpose of Auntie Anne’s.”

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How much does an Auntie Anne’s pretzel bucket cost?

Snowball Pretzel Nuggets Bucket
Original Pretzel Nuggets Bucket
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Nuggets Bucket
Pepperoni Nuggets Bucket

How many pretzel Nuggets are in a bucket?

Bite-sized versions of our classic Original, Cinnamon Sugar and Pepperoni Pretzel flavors or our Original Pretzel Dog, served in a fun, shareable bucket. Each bucket contains five servings of product (90-100 pieces in the Pretzel Nugget Buckets; 50 pieces in the Mini Pretzel Dogs Bucket).

What kind of pretzels does Auntie Anne’s have?

There are eight classic Auntie Anne’s pretzel flavors, but not every location has all the pretzels on offer. An Auntie Anne’s representative told Insider that Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Sweet Almond, Sour Cream & Onion, and Roasted Garlic & Parmesan are offered at all locations, while only storefronts sell Pepperoni.
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