Buona Beef Menu Prices

Buona Beef Menu Prices

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buona beef salad menu
buona beef salad menu

Buona Beef Menu Prices

Home of “The Original Italian Beef,” Buona Beef is a popular restaurant, catering facility, and meat manufacturer in the United States. The franchise is headquartered and was founded in Berwyn, Illinois, in 1981 and has since expanded to 27 locations, two of which are dedicated to catering. As the name suggests, Buona Beef specializes in Italian beef sandwiches, but they also serve delicious hot dogs, burgers, pizza, pasta, and more. Buona Beef products are also sold at local grocery stores like Aldi, Jewel-Osco, Target, Sam’s Club, and Costco, as well as online retailers like Amazon and Gold Belly.

New Buona Beef Menu Prices;

Buona Classics

Buona Beef5″ – $5.49
7″ – $6.49
10″ – $8.49
The Anthony Rizzo #44$7.19
Beef & Cheddar Croissant$7.19
Combo Buona Beef & Sausage$7.49
Charbroiled Italian Sausage$5.29
Meatballs Marinara$6.49
Turkey Pesto$6.49
Chicken Pomodoro$6.49
Gravy Bread$1.69
Pepper & Egg (Fridays only)$5.75
Pepper & Egg with Sausage (Fridays only)$6.25
Buona Beef Menu Prices


Signature Rigatoni Marinara$8.95
Jumbo Cheese Ravioli Marinara$8.95
Fettuccine Alfredo$9.50
Rigatoni Pesto Cream$9.50
Buona Beef Menu Prices

Protein Bowls

Beef Bowl$7.50
Beef & Sausage Bowl$8.25
Meatball & Sausage Bowl$7.95
Chicken & Avocado Bowl$7.25
Buona Beef Menu Prices

Burgers &Dogs

Bacon Cheddar Burger$7.19
Avocado Jack Burger$7.19
Chicago-Style Dog$3.15
Double Dog$4.65
Buona Beef Menu Prices


Char-Grilled Chicken$5.49
Crispy Breaded Chicken$5.49
Parmesan Chicken$6.25
Buffalo Chicken$6.25
Char-Grilled Avocado Jack$7.19
Chicken Tenders$5.49
Buona Beef Menu Prices


Quattro Formaggi$7.95
Roasted Vegetable$8.25
BBQ Chicken$8.25
Beef & Giardiniera$8.25
Arugula Verduro$8.25
Buona Beef Menu Prices

Meatless Sandwiches

Buona Beef Menu Prices


Buona’s Original Chopped$7.50
Strawberry Avocado Chicken$9.25
Pomegranate Acai$7.95
Buffalo Ranch Chicken$8.95
Crispy Chicken$8.95
Tuscan Harvest$7.95
Classic Caesar$6.25
Old Neighborhood House$6.25
The Meatball Salad$7.75
Buona Beef Menu Prices
buona beef prices
buona beef prices

Kids Meals

Buona Beef$5.25
Hot Dog$5.25
Chicken Tenders$5.25


Chocolate chip Cannoli with Nuts$2.50
Fresh Baked Cookie$1.25
Ghirardelli Fudge Brownie$2.50
Original Rainbow Cone Ice Cream Cake Roll$3.49
Buona Beef Menu Prices


Large Fries$3.25
Cheese Fries$2.95
Kettle Chips$1.65
Potato Salad$2.25
Italian Pasta Salad$2.25
House Salad$3.50
Caesar Salad$3.50
Sliced Fruit$3.50
Buona Beef Menu Prices


Pepsi Fountain Drink$2.25
Fresh Brewed Teas$2.25
Bottle Water$1.60
Apple Juice$.99
Buona Beef Menu Prices

Beer & Wine

Buona Beef Menu Prices


MinestroneBowl – $4.75
Quart – $9.75
Chicken VeggieBowl – $4.75
Quart – $9.75
Cheddar BroccoliBowl – $4.75
Quart – $9.75
Soup & Salad$8.25
Buona Beef Menu Prices


Classic (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)Reg – $3.75
Large – $4.75
Sweet Treat ShakesReg – $4.25
Large – $5.25
Buona Beef Menu Prices

Four decades, three generations and several dozen restaurants ago, Joe and Peggy Buonavolanto opened the first Buona Beef restaurant in Berwyn, IL, which specialized in their authentic recipe for Italian Beef Sandwiches. The year was 1981, and the dream location was half a mile from the family’s home. Joe & Peggy made the hard decision to take out a $10,000 second mortgage on the house to start the business.

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Their dream was to have their kids work side by side to create a business that could someday support their own families. The plan was simple, take a classic Chicago street food and elevate it with fresh ingredients, all-natural beef, a family recipe and a friendly atmosphere that could be enjoyed by all. Their 5 sons, Carlo, John, Joe Jr, Jimmy and Donny immediately took to the business and helped make the family dream come together. Buona Beef Web Site.

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How do you get free Buona beef?

According to the restaurant, non-app users can download the MyBuona app to get a free beef in their rewards wallet within 24 hours, if they download by Sunday, May 30. (limit 1 per member). Existing app users can get any of the beefs for free with up to two toppings.

Does Aldi carry Buona beef?

Did you guys see that ALDI is now carrying Buona Italian beef in their freezer section?

What is birthday reward from Buona?

This is most likely your Birthday reward that is sent out the week of your birthday! It comes as 2500 points automatically put into your account and is removed automatically after 14 days. You can redeem this reward in store or online!

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