Caffe Nero Menu Prices 

Caffe Nero Menu Prices 

Caffe Nero Menu Prices are very curious. For this reason, we have prepared the updated Caffe Nero Menu Price list for you. By following our site, you can reach up-to-date menu prices such as Caffe Nero Menu Prices. The menu prices of the Caffe Nero brand, which has many branches, are frequently searched. You can follow our website for menu prices research. We offer you the most up-to-date Caffe Nero menu prices.

You can find the menu prices of the brand you want to research on our website. You can also access the menu of the restaurant, cafe or fastfood store you want from the search field above. Here are the new Caffe Nero Menu prices.

caffe nero menu
caffe nero menu

Caffe Nero Menu Prices 

You are viewing Caffe Nero prices confirmed by at one or more locations in United States.

Here Caffe Nero Menu Prices;


Chicken Caprese$8.95
Ham & Cheese$7.95
Fig & Brie$8.95
Turkey Club$8.95
 Roasted VegetableVegetarian.$7.95
Caffe Nero Sandwiches Menu


Hot Chocolate$2.80
Hot Apple Cider$3.10
Caramel Latte (Grande)$4.10
White Chocolate Mocha (Grande)$4.10
Chai Latte (Grande)$3.80
Caffe Nero Drinks menu prices


English Breakfast$2.30
Earl Grey$2.30
Sencha Green$2.30
Rooibos Vanilla$2.30
Summer Fruits$2.30
Caffe Nero Tea
nero cafe menu
nero cafe menu


Ristretto (Single)$1.95
Espresso con Panna$2.20
Vanilla Latte$3.65
Cafe Au Lait$2.30
Cortado (Single)$2.65
Flat White (Single)$3.50
Caffe Nero Coffee Menu


Brewed (Grande)$2.55
Brewed (Regular)$2.35
Brewed (Small)$2.00
Cold Brew (16 oz.)$3.25
Cold Brew (20 oz.)$3.90
Caffe Nero Espresso

When you join us, you’re joining a family – be it your team, your regulars, your neighborhood or the Caffè Nero community.

We want you to be yourself and nurture those relationships, to join us in building something special and to have fun along the way.

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You’ll find us to be a bunch of dynamic and diverse people who are respectful and supportive of one another. And who believe, wholeheartedly, in striving for excellence every day.

It makes all the difference.

Caffe Nero Menu FAQ

Do they have Cafe Nero in America?

Caffè Nero is an Italian-influenced coffeehouse company headquartered in London, England. Founded in 1997 by Gerry Ford, currently the company runs more than 1000 coffee houses in eleven countries: the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Cyprus, Croatia, Turkey, the UAE, Oman, and the United States.

How many Caffè Nero are in the US?

35 stores

In the US, where Caffè Nero has 35 stores, food comprises up to 50% of sales and the brand has pivoted accordingly. “We make sandwiches and salads daily and bake in-store.

How Do I Get Free Cafe Nero?

For newbies via app.

Firstly, you can get a free hot drink when you first download the Caffè Nero loyalty app and enter the code WELCOMETONERO2019. You have 14 days to redeem the offer after entering your code. You don’t have to attach a payment card to your app if you just want the freebie.

Every year we welcome our baristas from around the world to London to compete for the prestigious International Barista of the Year title. These are our favourite 2018 moments.

Some of the many activities we get up to throughout the year – from barista of the year championships to movie nights in.

What does Cafe Nero sell?

Coffee Every Day. We’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch and afternoon cravings, whether for coffee, tea, sweet or savoury.

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Can I study in Cafe Nero?

I refer to the Cafe Nero which is located between Holborn and Russell Square (Holborn road maybe) – Nice and cool cafe especially for studying or working with Wi-Fi. Good coffee and mostly atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and smile to you or even know after a while your name.

Caffè Nero History

Caffè Nero is an Italian-influenced coffeehouse company headquartered in London, England. Founded in 1997 by Gerry Ford, currently the company runs more than 1000 coffee houses in eleven countries: the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, Cyprus, Croatia, Turkey, the UAE, Oman, and the United States. In 2009 Caffè Nero bought and opened its own coffee roastery in Battersea, south London, which supplies the coffee to all its coffee houses worldwide.

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Caffè Nero Ltd is majority owned, through a chain of intermediary companies, including UK-based Nero Group Holdings Ltd and Luxembourg-based Rome Intermediate Holdings Sarl, by Gerry Ford.[citation needed] During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company successfully dismissed a hostile takeover attempt. In February 2022 it was reported that Caffe Nero sales more than doubled for the 6 month period May – November 2021, compared to the previous 6 months when sales were badly affected by the COVID pandemic.

In 1997, Gerry Ford led a small group of investors in the purchase of 5 London coffee outlets. Gerry Ford subsequently completely redesigned those units, introduced gourmet coffee/a new fresh food menu and brand identity, thereby establishing the Caffè Nero brand as recognized today. At the same time the signature coffee house blend – Classico – was introduced, and has gone on to receive awards for its quality. The Classico blend is still served in every store today.

In March 2001 Caffè Nero joined the London Stock Exchange under the symbol CFN. In early 2007, the company was the subject of a management buy-out by the newly formed Rome Bidco Ltd and taken private.[8] Since 2007, the company expanded to Turkey in 2007, the UAE in 2009, Poland in 2012, Cyprus in 2013, and Ireland and the United States in 2014, Croatia in 2017, Oman in 2018 and Sweden.

In 2013, Caffè Nero’s coffee was rated best tasting among five major UK brands by experts at the independent consumer magazine Which?

In June 2016, the Caffè Nero Group completed the purchase of the Harris + Hoole brand from Tesco which consisted of 43 sites, and in January 2019 the Group expanded further by completing the purchase of the majority shareholding of the 100 strong coffee chain Coffee#1 located in Wales, South West England and the Midlands from SA Brains.[12] The deal gave Caffe Nero a 77% majority stake in the business. Then in February 2022, Caffe Nero completed the full acquisition of Coffee#1 by buying the remaining 33% of the business from SA Brains.

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