Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Capriotti’s Menu Prices

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capriotti's menu and pricing
capriotti’s menu and pricing

Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Capriotti’s (officially known as Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop) is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes in cold and hot sub sandwiches. Capriotti’s prices are usually higher than what you’re used to spending at other sub sandwich shops, however, their sandwiches also come in different sizes including 9 inch, 12 inch, and a whopping 20 inch long sub.

In addition to having spectacular sub sandwiches, Capriotti’s also serves regular sandwiches, salads, desserts, and sides. If you’re planning a party, they also have catering trays that come in small and large sizes.

New Capriotti’s Menu Prices;

Cap’s Specials

Bobbie9 in.$7.50
Bobbie12 in.$9.75
Bobbie20 in.$14.75
Capastrami9 in.$8.50
Capastrami12 in.$10.75
Capastrami20 in$16.25
Cole Turkey9 in.$7.50
Cole Turkey12 in.$9.75
Cole Turkey20 in.$14.75
Slaw Be Jo9 in.$7.50
Slaw Be Jo12 in.$9.75
Slaw Be Jo20 in.$14.75
Cran-Slam Club$6.50
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Hot Stuff

Cheese Steak9 in.$8.25
Cheese Steak12 in.$10.50
Cheese Steak20 in.$16.25
Chicken Cheese Steak9 in.$8.25
Chicken Cheese Steak12 in.$10.50
Chicken Cheese Steak20 in.$16.25
Grilled Italian9 in.$7.75
Grilled Italian12 in.$9.75
Grilled Italian20 in.$14.75
Homemade Meatball Sub9 in.$6.75
Homemade Meatball Sub12 in.$8.75
Homemade Meatball Sub20 in.$13.00
Italian Sausage9 in.$7.50
Italian Sausage12 in.$9.50
Italian Sausage20 in.$14.50
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Cold Subs

Homemade Turkey9 in.$7.50
Homemade Turkey12 in.$9.75
Homemade Turkey20 in.$14.75
Homemade Roast Beef9 in.$7.50
Homemade Roast Beef12 in.$9.75
Homemade Roast Beef20 in.$14.75
Italian9 in.$7.50
Italian12 in.$9.75
Italian20 in.$14.75
Ham & Cheese9 in.$7.50
Ham & Cheese12 in.$9.75
Ham & Cheese20 in.$14.75
Tuna9 in.$7.50
Tuna12 in.$9.75
Tuna20 in.$14.75
Cheese9 in.$7.00
Cheese12 in.$9.00
Cheese20 in.$13.50
Capriotti’s Menu Prices


Homemade Turkey$5.25
Homemade Roast Beef$5.25
Capriotti’s Menu Prices


Balsamic Chicken Salad$8.25
The Black and Bleu Salad$8.25
Cap’s Creation™ Salad$6.75
BBQ Chicken Salad$8.25
BBQ Turkey Salad$8.25
Cap’s Chopped Salad$8.25
Capriotti’s Menu Prices


Chicken Noodle SoupCup$5.25
Chicken Noodle SoupBowl$6.50
Tomato BisqueCup$5.25
Tomato BisqueBowl$6.50
Broccoli CheddarCup$5.25
Broccoli CheddarBowl$6.50
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Desserts & Sides

Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Cap’s Kids

Turkey and Cheese$4.79
Ham and Cheese$4.79
Grilled Cheese$4.79
Capriotti’s Menu Prices
capriotti's sandwich menu
capriotti’s sandwich menu


Soda20 oz. Bottle$1.89
Soda2 Liter Bottle$2.99
Capriotti’s Bottled Water$0.99
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Catering Trays

Delaware’s FinestSmall$42.99
Delaware’s FinestLarge$54.99
The BobbieSmall$42.99
The BobbieLarge$54.99
Little ItalySmall$42.99
Little ItalyLarge$54.99
The Turkey LoverSmall$42.99
The Turkey LoverLarge$54.99
The SamplerSmall$42.99
The SamplerLarge$54.99
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Catering Salads

Balsamic Chicken Catering Salad$24.99
BBQ Turkey Catering Salad$24.99
BBQ Chicken Salad$24.99
Cap’s Chopped Catering Salad$24.99
Cap’s Creation Catering Salad$24.99
Black & Bleu Catering Salad$24.99
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Catering Sides

Side StuffingSmall$1.49
Side StuffingMedium$2.29
Side StuffingLarge$7.99
Cole SlawSmall$1.49
Cole SlawMedium$2.29
Cole SlawLarge$7.99
Cranberry SauceSmall$1.29
Cranberry SauceMedium$1.99
Cranberry SauceLarge$6.99
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Catering Desserts

Cookie & Brownie Tray$16.99
Cookie Tray$12.99
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Capture 2

1/2 Sub & Salad$8.49
1/2 Sub & Cup of Soup$8.49
Cup of Soup & Salad$8.49
Capriotti’s Menu Prices

Founded in 1976 in Wilmington, Delaware by siblings Lois and Alan Margolet, Capriotti’s was born from a desire to create something unique while honoring family heritage.

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To this day the whole roast turkeys, quality meats & cheeses, and fresh rolls and produce continue to impress our patrons and earn awards across the country. Capriotti’s Website.

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How big is a small Capriotti’s sub?

At the time of writing (February 2021) the four sizes break down as follows: Half – 5 inches. Small – 8 inches. Medium – 10 inches.

What is a Bobby sandwich?

There’s a sandwich chain in the US called Capriotti’s. Their most famous famous sandwich is called “The Bobbie” which is basically Thanksgiving between buns with delicious layers of turkey, savory stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Does Capriotti’s make their own bread?

Back then, there were plenty of sandwich shops in and around Wilmington, but not one that was truly unique with fresh, authentic ingredients and “made-from-scratch” preparation. The siblings began roasting whole turkeys overnight, baking their own bread rolls, and serving quality meats, cheese and produce.
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