JJ’s Grill Menu Prices

JJ’s Grill Menu Prices

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jj's grill menu
jj’s grill menu

JJ’s Grill Menu Prices

JJ’s Grill is an American restaurant that first opened in November of 2008 in Rogers, Arkansas. There are several JJ’s Grill restaurants across the United States, and their live music is fantastic as is the food. Their menu ranges from sandwiches to wraps, tacos, sliders, salads, and so much more. When visiting JJ’s Grill, you can also try their world-famous JJ’s Burger, which is the most popular item on the menu.

New JJ’s Grill Menu Prices;

Snacks & Apps

Chips and Salsa$6.80
Fried Pickles$8.27
Chips and Queso$7.71
Buffalo Wings8 – $10.99
16 – $19.99
24 – $28.99
Nuclear Wings8 – $10.99
16 – $19.99
24 – $28.99
Edwin Wings8 – $10.99
16 – $19.99
24 – $28.99
Jasmine Wings8 – $10.99
16 – $19.99
24 – $28.99
Cheese Fries$10.77
Loaded Queso$11.34
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices


Little Salad$6.00
Southwest Chicken Salad$14.18
Asian Chicken Salad$14.18
Big Country Fried Chicken Salad$13.61
Cobb Salad$13.04
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices


Chipotle Turkey Melt Sandwich$12.47
Club Sandwich$12.47
Chicken n’ Pickles$13.04
Ranch Chicken Clubhouse$13.61
Blackened Chicken Sandwich$14.18
Philly Cheese Steak$13.61
Catfish Nuggets$12.47
Chicken Strip Basket$12.47
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices


Grilled Chicken Chipotle Wrap$13.04
JJ’s Chicken Wrap$13.04
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices

The Grill

JJ’s World-Famous Cheeseburger$13.04
Big Bad Jack Burger$15.31
Western Burger$13.04
Bleu Shroom Burger$13.61
Mushroom Swiss Burger$13.61
Bacon Cheddar Burger$13.04
Guacamole Burger$14.18
Fried Jalapeno Burger$13.04
Fried Egg Burger$14.74
Patty Melt$12.47
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices

Tacos & Sliders

Street Tacos$12.47
Cheeseburger Sliders$12.47
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices

Serious Meals

Southwest Grilled Catfish$17.36
Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken$15.88
Fish N’ Chips$17.36
Fried Catfish$16.56
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices
jj's sideout bar & grill
jj’s sideout bar & grill


Cup of Soup and Little Salad$9.07
Cheesy Chicken Tortilla SoupCup – $4.29
Bowl – $6.29
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices


Hand-Cut Home Fries$2.26
Homemade Tater Chips$2.26
Sweet Potato Fries$2.26
Homemade Onion Rings$2.26
Baked Mac n’ Cheese$2.26
Roadhouse Spuds$2.26
Fried Jalapenos$2.26
Fried Pickles$2.26
Grilled Veggies$2.26
Broccoli Salad$2.26
Little Salad$2.26
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices

Sweet Stuff

Homemade Cheesecake$8.27
JJ’s Grill Menu Prices

In November 2008, that’s when we changed the food and live music scene in NWA forever with the opening of the first JJ’s Grill in Rogers, Arkansas. The formula—live music, local culture, and unique food proved simple but effective, as we now have 9 stores across the state, including JJ’s Live in Fayetteville, AR. JJ’s Grill is the place for something local and something live.

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We also offer a menu that is both classic and unique, ranging from fried catfish to our World Famous JJ’s Burger. And, to top it all off, we have live music playing almost every night, which means you can catch your favorite local and regional acts as they come through. JJ’s Grill Website.

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