McDonald’s Vegetarian Menu 2023 (Mcplant Burgers, Pancakes, Hash Browns)

If you’re a vegetarian who’s ready for your next fast-food adventure, this article is bound to help you navigate McDonald’s vegetarian menu.

However, the vegetarian McDonald’s menu is a luxury that only residents of the UK get to enjoy in their local restaurants.

To answer the question “does McDonald’s have a vegetarian option in the USA” – the short answer, unfortunately, is no. if you’re from the States, you wouldn’t be able to find a dedicated menu with vegetarian options.

However, there are still certain items on the menu that you could happily pass as vegetarian options.

These items include their delicious ice cream that you get to order as a sundae, a McFlurry, or in a cone, and a McPlant burger with beyond meat.

Similarly, the egg McMuffin becomes vegetarian by forgoing the meat.

Then there are breakfast hot cakes, and certain breakfast pastries including apple fritters, and cinnamon rolls. 

Maple oatmeal with fruits and smoothies are a few other items that you get to order as a vegetarian at McDonald’s.

One thing to be noted is that not all McDonald’s vegetarian items can be considered vegan.

Only certain items are both vegetarian and vegan like their McPlant.

Mcdonalds Beggie Burger


Why Does Mcdonald’s Have No Vegetarian Options?

The complex process of having a vegetarian menu is the sole reason why McDonald’s does not have vegetarian items.
This is because such complex processes are prone to slow down the entire service.

What Ingredients Are in Mcdonalds Veggie Burger?

McDonald’s veggie burger is primarily made with pesto and red pepper goujons, as a meat substitute.
This comes with a sesame bun, fresh lettuce, and their vegan sandwich sauce. 

Are McDonald’s French Fries Vegetarian?

If you’re residing in the USA, McDonald’s fries are not vegetarian as they contain the beef-flavoring.
However, as for the French fries served in the UK, they are vegetarian as well as vegan.

Is McDonald’s Cheese Burger Vegetarian?

Unfortunately, no. McDonald’s cheeseburger is not certified to be 100% vegetarian.
Though the seeming ingredients may prove otherwise, the cheeseburger is not for vegetarians.
This is because certain ingredients of the cheeseburger may come from animal sources.

Is McDonald’s Breakfast Vegetarian?

That depends. Certain McDonald’s breakfast items are vegetarian-friendly. These items include fruit & maple oatmeal, and certain pastries.
The breakfast sandwiches can be made vegetarian by not adding meat.

Is Big Mac Vegetarian?

No, Big Mac is not vegetarian as it contains two fat beef patties.

Are McDonald’s Hash Browns Vegetarian?

That’s a no. McDonald’s hash browns are not vegetarian as they have beef flavoring.

Is McDonald’s Sweet Curry Vegetarian?

McDonald’s sweet curry is not vegetarian in the USA. The vegetarian version is only available in the UK.

Is Mcdonalds Pancakes Vegetarian?

McDonald’s pancakes are technically vegetarian if you don’t mind consuming eggs and milk. 

Are Mcdonald’s Biscuits Vegetarian?

McDonald’s biscuits are vegetarian in the UK, but not in the USA.

McDonald’s Vegetarian Menu UK

If you’re hunting for vegetarian options at McDonald’s in the UK, these are some of the juiciest Mac items to enjoy.

Currently, three vegetarian burgers are featured on McDonald’s menu – McPlant, Double McPlant with double patties, and the vegetable deluxe.

Nestled between each of these buns are plant-based patties with beyond meat, and spicy veggie goujons.

You do get a certain diversity with veggie dippers, veggie wraps, fries, side salad, and multiple baked items from chocolate brownies to mixed berry muffins.

Hash browns, carrot sticks, pineapple sticks, and some porridges are part of the same deal.

The beverage choices, suited for vegetarians are quite interesting with several milkshakes, coffees, and juices.

Typically, different vegetables and greens (iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) are used as ingredients alongside beyond-meat patties, and spicy goujons, used as substitutes for meat.

McDonald’s does serve vegan cheese, and vegan sandwich sauce just for veggie lovers.

Enjoying fast food can be pretty scary sometimes, especially with its apparent threat to your health.

This is where McDonald’s vegetarian items enter into the equation, supporting healthy eating habits while letting you enjoy the best of the fast-food meals.

A vegetarian meal from McDonald’s is comparatively healthier than its meat option, helping to maintain your cholesterol and sugar levels.

Simultaneously, if you’re following a diet or trying to lose some weight, this menu is the ideal one to go.

Since less fat is always good for your heart health, McDonald’s vegetarian items are sure to help you with that.

If you’re wondering if McDonald’s vegetarian food contains lesser calories than its non-veg items, there isn’t much difference between the calorie count of each item.

Oftentimes, non-vegetarian options have slightly higher calorie counts.

But this does change sometimes depending on the ingredients.

For example, a hamburger contains fewer calories than a double McPlant with two patties.

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McDonalds Veggie Burger UK – (Mcplant Burger)

Items Calories (Kcal)
Vegan Burger
Made with 2 juicy plant-based patties, featuring vegan sandwich sauce, Tomato, mustard, onion, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and a vegan alternative to cheese in a sesame seed bun
McPlant 429
Double McPlant 590
Veggie Dippers
Red pepper & sundried tomato pesto, golden breadcrumbs.
2 Pieces 160
4 Pieces 321
Vegetable Deluxe
Shredded lettuce, red pesto veggie goujons + sandwich sauce, and sesame-topped bun.
McDonald’s Fries  
Small 237
Medium 337
Large 444
The Spicy Veggie One
lettuce, veggie dippers with relish, red onion, tomato and toasted tortilla wrap
Mango & Pineapple Smoothie Regular
blended with ice.
Regular 180
Large 235
Side Salad
tomato, cucumber, salad with lettuce and red onion.
Flahavan’s Quick Oats
served with jam, sugar or syrup.
a secret recipe of 32 flavors
Small 48
Medium 76
Large 95

Porridge & Mcdonalds Pancakes

Items Calories (Kcal) Price
made with wholegrain jumbo oats and semi-skimmed milk.
154 $1.59
Porridge with Strawberry jam
made with wholegrain jumbo oats, semi-skimmed milk and served with Jam.
193 $1.59
Porridge with Sugar
made with wholegrain jumbo oats, semi-skimmed milk and served with sugar.
166 $1.59
Porridge with Lyle’s Golden Syrup
made with wholegrain jumbo oats, semi-skimmed milk and served with Lyle’s Golden Syrup
217 $1.59
Pancakes & Syrup (3 pcs) 477 $3.69
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Mcdonalds Hash Brown & Sides

Items Calories (Kcal) Price
Hash Brown
Crispy on the outside and served until 11 am
127 $1.69
Pineapple Stick 37 $0.79
Carrot Bag 34 $0.79

Sweet Snacks

Items Calories (Kcal) Price
Millionaire’s Donut
caramel filling, topped with dark cocoa drizzle and biscuit pieces.
272 $2.19
Triple Chocolate Cookie
chocolate chip cookie packed with chunks of milk, dark and white chocolate.
320 $1.89
Chocolate Brownie
with plain chocolate and milk chocolate chunks.
316 $2.39
Sugar Donut 195 $1.89
Mixed Berry Muffin
filled with raspberry jam and sprinkled with granola topping.
298 $2.29
Pineapple Stick 37 $0.79
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McCafé Hot Drinks

Items Calories (Kcal) Price
Black Coffee
made with freshly ground Arabica and blended with hot water.
Regular 6 $2.09
Large 8
Flat White
espresso (double shot) blended with organic milk.
86 $0.10
a double shot of Arabica bean espresso + organic, semi-skimmed milk
Regular 145 $2.29
Large 197
A double shot of Arabica bean espresso + steamed organic semi-skimmed milk
Regular 97 $2.29
Large 128
Toffee Latte
A smooth latte, topped with cream and blended with a sweet toffee syrup.
Regular 187
Large 232
Espresso Single
made from freshly ground 100% Arabica beans.
Double Shot 1 $1.49
Single Shot 1 $1.29
White Coffee
Arabica bean espresso (double shot)
Regular 54 $2.09
Large 74
Hot Chocolate
made with a chocolatey syrup.
Regular 173 $1.99
Large 231

Water & Still Drinks

Items Calories (Kcal) Price
Deep RiverRock Water    
250ml 0
500ml 0 $1.79
Tropicana Orange Juice
A bottle of real orange juice
100 $1.89
Organic Milk
yummy little bottle of organic, semi-skimmed milk
125 $1.49
Robinsons Fruit Shoot
apple and blackcurrant-flavored drink
8 $1.49
fruity drink
Small 42 $1.29
Medium 67
Large 83

Fizzy Drinks

Items Serves Price
Zero Sugar    
Small 1 $1.29
Medium 1
Large 2
A classic, since 1886.
Small 106 $1.37
Medium 170
Large 212
Diet Coke
Enjoy one with your meal or on its own.
Small 1 $1.29
Medium 1
Large 2
Fanta Orange
Perfect with your meal or on its own.
Small 48 $1.29
Medium 76
Large 95
Sprite Zero
with no sugar or calories.
Small 3 $1.29
Medium 4
Large 5


Items Calories (Kcal) Price
Small 192
Medium 364 $2.79
Large 468
Small 188
Medium 357 $2.79
Large 459
Small 188
Medium 356 $2.79
Large 458
Small 192
Medium 366 $2.79
Large 469

McFlurry/Ice Cream

Items Calories (Kcal) Price
Oreo McFlurry
soft ice cream + Oreo cookies.
Regular 258 $1.69
Mini 129 $1.19
Maltesers McFlurry
Soft dairy ice cream swirled with mini Malteser clusters.
Regular 266 $1.69
Mini 133 $1.19
Smarties McFlurry
Soft dairy ice cream + smarties.
Regular 273 $1.69
Mini 137 $1.19
Galaxy Caramel McFlurry
A delicious Galaxy caramel sauce, soft dairy ice cream and swirled with Galaxy chocolate pieces
Regular 366 $2.19
Mini 183 $1.69
Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry    
Regular 360 $2.19
Mini 180 $1.69


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