robeks menu prices

Robeks Menu Prices

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robeks smoothie prices
robeks smoothie prices

Robeks Menu Prices

Robeks is a chain shop that specializes in smoothies. Robeks prices are similar to other smoothie chains’ prices, and you can get a small smoothie for as low as $4 and a large one for about $6.

Just like other smoothie shops, Robeks categorizes their smoothies based on their function and flavor. For example, you can get a performance smoothie with Berry Slim flavor. In addition to smoothies, they also have quick shoots, which are marketed as being fresh juice shots with major benefits.

New Robeks Menu Prices;

Fan Favorites

Strawnana Berry™Small$3.99
Strawnana Berry™Medium$4.99
Strawnana Berry™Large$5.99
The Hummingbird®Small$3.99
The Hummingbird®Medium$4.99
The Hummingbird®Large$5.99
Mahalo Mango®Small$3.99
Mahalo Mango®Medium$4.99
Mahalo Mango®Large$5.99
Robeks Menu Prices

Classic Flavors

Malibu Peach™Small$3.99
Malibu Peach™Medium$4.99
Malibu Peach™Large$5.99
Big Wednesday®Small$3.99
Big Wednesday®Medium$4.99
Big Wednesday®Large$5.99
Polar Pineapple™Small$3.99
Polar Pineapple™Medium$4.99
Polar Pineapple™Large$5.99
South Pacific Squeeze®Small$3.99
South Pacific Squeeze®Medium$4.99
South Pacific Squeeze®Large$5.99
Pina Koolada™Small$3.99
Pina Koolada™Medium$4.99
Pina Koolada™Large$5.99
Berry Brilliance®Small$3.99
Berry Brilliance®Medium$4.99
Berry Brilliance®Large$5.99
Passionfruit Cove®Small$3.99
Passionfruit Cove®Medium$4.99
Passionfruit Cove®Large$5.99
Raspberry Romance®Small$3.99
Raspberry Romance®Medium$4.99
Raspberry Romance®Large$5.99
Infinite Orange®Small$3.99
Infinite Orange®Medium$4.99
Infinite Orange®Large$5.99
Robeks Menu Prices


Acai Energizer™Medium$6.39
Acai Energizer™Large$7.39
Venice BurnerMedium$6.39
Venice BurnerLarge$7.39
Passionfruit Power™Medium$6.39
Passionfruit Power™Large$7.39
Age Buster™Medium$6.39
Age Buster™Large$7.39
Heart HealthMedium$6.39
Heart HealthLarge$7.39
Berry Slim™Medium$6.39
Berry Slim™Large$7.39
Pro Arobek™Medium$6.39
Pro Arobek™Large$7.39
DR. RobeksMedium$6.39
DR. RobeksLarge$7.39
The ReplenisherMedium$6.39
The ReplenisherLarge$7.39
Healthy Harmony™Medium$6.39
Healthy Harmony™Large$7.39
Robeks Menu Prices


800 LB. Gorilla™Medium$6.79
800 LB. Gorilla™Large$7.79
Robeks Menu Prices


PB&J DelightSmall$3.89
Strawberry SipperSmall$3.89
Mini MangoSmall$3.89
Robeks Menu Prices


Pineapple Orange Passion™Small$2.99
Pineapple Orange Passion™Medium$3.49
Refreshingly Raspberry™Small$2.99
Refreshingly Raspberry™Medium$3.49
Robeks Menu Prices

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Cool CucumberSmall$5.29
Cool CucumberMedium$6.59
Cool CucumberLarge$7.99
King Kale™Small$5.29
King Kale™Medium$6.59
King Kale™Large$7.99
Crazy CarrotSmall$5.29
Crazy CarrotMedium$6.59
Crazy CarrotLarge$7.99
Sweet GreenSmall$5.29
Sweet GreenMedium$6.59
Sweet GreenLarge$7.99
Robeks Menu Prices
robeks prices
robeks prices

Nature’s Best

Awesome Acai™Medium$6.29
Awesome Acai™Large$7.29
Super Green™Medium$6.29
Super Green™Large$7.29
Robeks Menu Prices

Greek Yogurt

Emperor Acai™Small$5.49
Emperor Acai™Medium$6.49
Emperor Acai™Large$7.49
Spartan Berry™Small$5.49
Spartan Berry™Medium$6.49
Spartan Berry™Large$7.49
Strawberry Temple™Small$5.49
Strawberry Temple™Medium$6.49
Strawberry Temple™Large$7.49
Robeks Menu Prices


Naturally CoffeeSmall$4.39
Naturally CoffeeMedium$5.39
Naturally CoffeeLarge$6.39
Naturally MochaSmall$4.39
Naturally MochaMedium$5.39
Naturally MochaLarge$6.39
Iced MochaSmall$4.39
Iced MochaMedium$5.39
Iced MochaLarge$6.39
Robeks Menu Prices


Acai Especial Bowl™$6.59
Fast Break Bowl™$6.59
Split Banana Bowl™$6.59
Robeks Menu Prices

Quick Shoots

Lemon / Ginger Shot2 oz.$3.99
Wheat Grass Shot2 oz.$3.99
Acai / Lemon Shot2 oz.$3.99
Robeks Menu Prices

It was a sunny day when the very first Robeks was founded in 1996 in Southern California. We wanted a new juice spot that had better recipes, better taste, and better service than any other restaurant out there. We don’t like to talk about the secret ingredient, the smarts that gave us the idea to open up a juice and smoothie shop in the 90s, a time when most health-conscious folks were focused on fat free and few had caught on to the idea of sipping fruits and veggies through straws.

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Did we rollerblade past a mango tree? (Nope, no mangos in Southern California) Or electric slide into a bush of kale? (Nope, kale wasn’t invented yet.) Something sparked our smoothie obsession, and we were hooked. We set off on a mission: Open a place where healthy people could order all their vitamins in one serving. And it had to be creative and delicious a place not-so-healthy people would love too. And Robeks was born.

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How much is large Robeks smoothie?

Robeks prices are similar to other smoothie chains’ prices, and you can get a small smoothie for as low as $4 and a large one for about $6. Just like other smoothie shops, Robeks categorizes their smoothies based on their function and flavor.

Does Robeks use real fruit?

Of course, since Jamba and Robeks are using fresh fruit, the taste may vary slightly from smoothie to smoothie.

Does Robeks use frozen fruit?

Robeks uses real raw veggies and frozen fruit along with sherbet and yogurt. Most of the fruit they use is Dole IQF (individually quick frozen). It’s basically fruit that’s picked and frozen right away, then shipped.
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