Rosati’s Pizza Menu Prices of 2023

Rosati’s Pizza menu is serving smiles and slices with their 10 options of pizza that are suitable for your preferred taste and quality and great for sharing on multiple occasions or even for a casual day.

The choices include gluten-free crust, vegetarian toppings, and even a low-calorie option—made for everyone to enjoy. These pizza choices consist of Rosati’s Pizza menu following:

  • Fabulous Four
  • Chicago-Style Pizza
  • Meat Mania
  • Classic Combo
  • The Windy City
  • The Veggie
  • White Pizza
  • The Hawaiian
  • Rosati’s Monster
  • Calzone

This menu also includes a build-your-own pizza, where you can choose the dough whether it may be double dough, thin crust deep dish that is suitable for your liking.

You can also freely choose the type of toppings that you wanted.

Alongside Pizza Mania, Rosati’s also caters to different menu options to perfectly match your choice of pizza, which includes: 6 Appetizers, 2Wings that can be dipped with your preferred sauces such as hot, mild, bbq, mango habanero or parmesan cheese, 5 Pastas,6 Sandwiches, 4 Salads, and 2 Desserts.

Rosati’s Pizza Crust Type & Size

Buttery Crust Thin Crust Double Dough
10” 12” 12”
14” 14” 14”
  16” 16”
  18” 18”


Meats selection: Italian beef, pepperoni, grilled chicken, Italian sausage, bacon, anchovies

Veggie selection: Green pepper, mushroom, black olive, onion, banana pepper, green olive, jalapeno, hot giardiniera, tomato, pineapple, fresh garlic, spinach

Rosati’s Pizza Menu – Buttery Crust

Items Size Buttery Crust
Chicago Style
buttery crust filled with mozzarella cheese & topped with Chicago-Style sauce.
10” $17.99
  14” $19.99

Other Crust Types

Items Size Thin Crust Double Dough
Build Your Own Pizza 12” $15.49 $17.49
  14” $17.49 $19.49
  16” $20.49 $22.49
  18” $23.49 $25.49
Classic Combo
Pepperoni, mushroom, onion, Gourmet Italian sausage, green pepper & black olives
12” $22.49 $24.49
  14” $25.49 $27.49
  16” $29.49 $31.49
  18” $33.49 $35.49
Fabulous Four
Mushroom, onion, Gourmet Italian sausage & green pepper
12” $20.99 $22.99
  14” $23.99 $25.99
  16” $27.99 $29.99
  18” $31.99 $33.99
The Windy City
Fresh garlic, onion, Gourmet Italian sausage & Rosati’s hot giardiniera
12” $20.99 $22.99
  14” $23.99 $25.99
  16” $26.99 $28.99
  18” $30.99 $32.99
Canadian bacon & pineapple
12” $20.99 $22.99
  14” $23.99 $25.99
  16” $26.99 $28.99
  18” $30.99 $32.99
Meat Mania
Pepperoni, meatballs & Gourmet Italian sausage with bacon on top
12” $22.49 $24.49
  14” $25.49 $27.49
  16” $29.49 $31.49
  18” $33.49 $35.49
Green pepper + sliced tomato on top, Mushroom & onion
12” $20.99 $22.99
  14” $23.99 $25.99
  16” $26.99 $28.99
  18” $30.99 $32.99
White Pizza
garlic & sauteed spinach + sliced tomato on top & Olive oil
12” $20.99 $22.99
  14” $23.99 $25.99
  16” $26.99 $28.99
  18” $30.99 $32.99
Rosati’s Monster
Pepperoni, mushroom, onion, green pepper, Canadian bacon, Gourmet Italian sausage, meatball, black & green olives + sliced tomato & bacon on top
12” $23.99 $25.99
  14” $26.99 $28.99
  16” $30.99 $32.99
  18” $34.99 $36.99


Meat selection: Italian beef, pepperoni, grilled chicken, Italian sausage, bacon, and anchovies.

Veggie selection: Green pepper, mushroom, black olive, onion, banana pepper, green olive, jalapeno, hot giardiniera, tomato, pineapple, fresh garlic, spinach.

Items Calories Price
Served with marinara on the side. Crisp-baked Italian turnover + mozzarella cheese & choice of up to 4 ingredients. Extra Cheese is available
920 $12.49


Items Calories Price
Side Salad
Spinach leaves, cucumbers, Romaine & iceberg lettuce, red onion, grape tomatoes & shaved asiago cheese.
90 $5.29
Antipasto Salad
Spinach leaves, red onion, green pepper, black & green olives, grape tomatoes, pepperoni, Romaine & iceberg lettuce, Canadian bacon, shaved asiago cheese & mozzarella cheese.
640 $12.49
Chopped Salad
Spinach leaves, grilled chicken, green pepper, red onion, finely chopped romaine & iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, black olives, bacon & bleu cheese crumbles.
440 $12.49
Caesar Salad
toasted garlic croutons & hand shaved Asiago cheese and Crisp romaine.
180 $10.49


Choice of Dipping Sauce: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Hot, Mild, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Plain, Mango Habanero, Parmesan Garlic

Items Calories Price
Mozzarella Sticks 720 $7.49
French Fries 640 $3.49
Cheesy Bread Stix
Breadsticks served with a side of marinara and topped with garlic butter & Mozzarella cheese
1310 $10.29
Breaded Mushrooms 900 $7.49
Rosati’s Dough Nuggets
crispy pizza dough served with a side of marinara and tossed in garlic butter sauce
2000 $10.99
Cheesy Garlic Bread
topped with delicious mozzarella cheese
1340 $6.99


Choice of Wing Sauce: Hot, Mild, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Plain, Mango Habanero, Parmesan Garlic

Choice of Dipping Sauce: Ranch, Blue Cheese

Items Calories Price
Boneless Wings
tossed in the sauce of your choice & served with choice of dressing
Half Pound   $8.99
Full Pound   $16.99
Chicken Tenders (5 pcs)
 with choice of dipping sauce
960 $8.99
Jumbo Wings
tossed in a choice of sauce & with a dressing choice
6 pc   $10.99
12 pc   $20.99


Items Serves Calories Price
Crispy dough tossed in powdered sugar & paired with rich Nutella hazelnut spread.
3-4 2810 $10.99
Two Cannolis
Chocolate chips, Crisp Sicilian pastry shells, sweetened ricotta & dipped into pistachios & covered with powdered sugar
  540 $6.99


Topping Selections: Meatball, Italian sausage, baked mozzarella, grilled chicken, garlic, onions, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta & sweet peppers.

Items Calories Price
Spaghetti & Meatballs
Traditional Spaghetti served with homemade meatballs and marinara sauce, topped by shaved Asiago cheese & fresh parsley
1410 $14.29
Three Cheese Baked Penne
A hearty pasta smothered in homemade marinara sauce, baked with mozzarella, ricotta & Asiago cheese, and topped with fresh parsley
1400 $15.29
Chicken Parmesan Pasta
Breaded chicken breast + marinara sauce, shaved Asiago cheese & fresh parsley, topped with baked mozzarella cheese
1630 $15.29
Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken
tossed in alfredo sauce made with Asiago & Romano cheeses + fresh parsley & garlic
1860 $14.29
BYO Pasta
Choice of own pairing of pasta & sauce.


All sandwiches are served with choice of fries or side salad

Extra Sides: Au Jus, Marinara, Hot Giardiniera, Sweet Peppers

Items Calories Price
The Cheef
Rosati’s Italian beef on Italian bread + mozzarella cheese
790 $11.79
Italian Beef
Italian beef sliced thin & piled high on Italian bread
610 $10.49
Chicken Parmigiana
Tender chicken breast & marinara sauce + mozzarella cheese
840 $12.29
Meatball Parmigiana
Rosati’s meatballs & signature marinara sauce + mozzarella cheese
1150 $11.79


Items Price
20 oz Bottles
(Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Diet Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew, Orange crush & Bottled Water)
2 Liter Bottles
(Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Orange crush & Sierra Mist)
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Delivery Methods

In-Store Yes/Available/No/Not Available
Drive Thru Yes/Available
Home Delivery Yes/Available
Curbside Pickup Yes/Available

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rosati’s Pizza Menu

What is The Double Dough Option of Crust in Rosati’s Pizza?

Double dough options on Rosati’s Pizza mean doubling the dough to produce a thicker and richer quality crust.

What is The Deep-Dish Option of Crust in Rosati’s Pizza?

The deep dish crust option in Rosati’s Pizza means having a taller and thicker crust that is fried.

How Can I Avail of The Rewards of Rosati’s Pizza?

Open Rosati’s Pizza’s official website and click on rewards, choose your nearest location and sign-up for the membership, and earn points.

Once you fill in enough points, then you can have an access to rewards.

Is Rosati’s Pizza a Gluten-Free Environment?

Rosati’s Pizza serves gluten-free crust; however, it is not completely a gluten-free environment since it is created in a common kitchen and gluten-free crusts can be exposed to other non-gluten-free products.

Can I Get An Access To Every Single Menu Item in Rosati’s Pizza?

Some menu items differ depending on the location of the store. However, you can access the full menu on its official website.

Can I Order Rosati’s Pizza Through Other Mobile Applications?

Yes. Rosati’s Pizza is available on other mobile food delivery applications such as UberEATS and Door Dash.

Final Thoughts

Rosati’s Pizza Menu carries inclusivity in its name, offering a variety of options of crusts and toppings and even offering a build-your-own pizza according to your preferred diet, taste, and overall quality of the pizza.

It also consists of choices of other food options that are also inclusive of your diet and allergens to pair and perfectly complement your pizza.

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