Side Dishes to Serve with Steak

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Side Dishes to Serve with Steak

Need some inspiration on what side dishes to pair with your steak? There are a lot to choose from, actually. The key is to make sure the side dish compliments your steak instead of overpowering it.

Here are our top recommendations:

1. Spicy slaw

Add some freshness to your meal by preparing a simple smoky slaw with a mix of Cajun potatoes and a dressing made of mayo, chili paste and mayo.

2. Macaroni & cheese

You can serve your steak with a small portion of good old mac n’ cheese for a savory pasta dish. Go for a rich creamy sauce topped with nuts to add some crunch.

3. Grilled tomatoes

This one is a steakhouse classic. In fact, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse serves this as a side dish. You can add a hint of vinegar to bring out the sweet flavor to the tomatoes, as well as a dash of garlic and thyme.

4. Corn on the cob

Sweet corn that’s char-grilled to perfection and then rubbed with herby butter is a wonderful pair to steak.

5. Refried beans

Give your steak a taste of comfort with homemade refried beans served with sour cream, avocado and a pinch of paprika.

6. Spiralized veg

You can spiralize your favorite vegetable and then roast it to give it a shoestring fry appearance.

7. Mushrooms

Consider pairing your steak with roasted herby mushrooms mixed with parsley and garlic.

8. Mashed potato and gravy

This one is a classic and I would personally just go with this one when I’m looking for something familiar and comforting to go with my steak.

Steak Sauces

A quality steak and a simple side dish should be more than enough to make for a delicious meal. However, some people can’t seem to eat their steak without sauce. If you’re one of them, then this section of this article is for you. Here’s a list of our favorite steak sauces for you to try:

1. Peppercorn sauce

This is the classic steak sauce. Make your own peppercorn sauce in under 15 minutes with this recipe.

2. Bearnaise sauce

If you (or your guests) are steak purists then this French sauce would be perfect. The sauce has a mild vinegar tang and a hint of fresh tarragon.

3. Pesto sauce

This is not the same pesto you’d use in pasta but instead it’s a different version that works with steaks. It’s a mix of chili, watercress and hazelnuts.

4. Mushroom sauce

Prepare your own mushroom sauce using wild mushrooms, parmesan, soft herbs and white/red wine.

5. Flavored butter

Go for garlic, parsley and butter mix with a hint of chili and lime.

6. Chimichurri

This is a South American steak sauce made of garlic, shallots, chili and chopped parsley.

All Things Potato

Earlier in this post, I’ve included mashed potato in our list of side dishes. But apparently, potato deserves an entire section. If you want the classic steak and chips combo, here’s our list of options:

1. Traditional chips

Deep-fry your chips. Throw in some onion rings too!

2. Fries

Deep fried fries are always great for dipping.

3. Potatoes dauphinoise

If you want your side dish to be just as special as your steak, you can try this layered potato bake dish using veggies like celeriac, fennel and butternut squash.

4. Potato salad

Dress your potatoes with olive oil and vinegar for a lighter dish.

5. Mashed potatoes

You can add some mustard, garlic or horseradish to the classic creamy mashed potatoes. Want to learn how to make the best mashed potato? Watch this:

Side Dishes to Serve with Steak
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