Taco Casa Menu Prices

Taco Casa Menu Prices

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You can find the menu prices of the brand you want to research on our website. You can also access the menu of the restaurant, cafe or fastfood store you want from the search field above. Here are the new Taco Casa Menu prices.

la casa del taco menu
la casa del taco menu

Taco Casa Menu Prices

Taco Casa is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex foods such as burritos, tacos, and nachos. Taco Casa prices are about average for the industry and all the items on the menu are under $10, excluding the packs of multiple tacos or burritos. Those are closer to $15 per pack.

If you love Tex-Mex foods and you live in Texas, then you will probably love Taco Casa. They offer everything from burritos and salads to tostadas and tacos. Their burritos come in various styles including the Bean Burrito, Combination Burrito, and Meat Burrito. If you’re looking for a dessert, they also have a sweet snack called Casa Delites.

New Taco Casa Menu Prices;

Super Items

Super Burrito$3.09
Super Salad$6.39
Super Tostada$2.59
Super Taco$2.99
Super Nachos$6.39
Taco Lite$2.99
Taco Casa Menu Prices

Taco Casa Favorites

Soft Taco$1.79
Bean Burrito$1.39
Combination Burrito$2.69
Meat Burrito$3.19
Chili Burger$1.59
Casa Delites$0.99
Taco Casa Menu Prices
taco casa menu
taco casa menu

The Casa Choice

Crunchy Tacos12 Pc.$15.90
Bean Burritos12 Pc.$13.90
Crunchy Tacos and Bean Burritos12 Pc.$14.90
Taco Casa Menu Prices

Taco Casa’s Drinks

Taco Casa Menu Prices

Founder, President, and CEO of Taco Casa, Rod Wilkin knows how important choices are in his life. Rod grew up in Wichita, Kansas where he was a star athlete at his high school lettering in football, basketball and track. Several smaller schools had recruited him out of high school until a chance encounter would forever change his path. A good friend and high school teammate of his, Fred Harvey, went to Hutchinson Junior College in Hutchinson, Kansas to visit his future football coach. Fred offhandedly asked Rod if he would like to ride with him, and Rod chose to go.

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While there, the coach mentioned that he had heard of Rod and offered him a scholarship to play football for the Blue Dragons. Success followed Rod to junior college and after the 1967 season he was named a junior college All-American as a kicking specialist. Scholarship offers rolled in by the dozen and he thought he would sign with Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, or Miami. Then the phone rang and a deep baritone voice on the other end of the line asked Rod to come down to Tuscaloosa for a visit. After working out for and meeting with Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, Rod chose to sign a letter of intent to play for the Crimson Tide. Taco Casa Website.

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What is a Taco Casa Chilada?

A steamed flour tortilla filled with 100% ground beef and refried beans, smothered in our mild red sauce and topped with real cheddar cheese and black olives.

What is in Taco Casa meat?

What kind of meat does Taco Casa use? Taco Casa says it’s 100 percent ground beef. I won’t go into the whole Taco Bell saga from a few years ago about their beef mixture, but Taco Casa’s definitely looks like real ground beef-without the seasoning.

Does Taco Casa use real cheese?

Soft Taco. Our famous seasoned ground beef placed in a homemade soft flour tortilla with freshly shredded iceberg lettuce, grated mild Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and diced red-ripe tomato.
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