waffle house menu prices

Waffle House Menu Prices

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waffle house menu
waffle house menu

Waffle House Menu Prices

Waffle House opened its first location in 1955 in Avondale, Georgia. The founders were Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner. Tom Forkner advised Joe Rogers Sr. to name the business Waffle House because their waffles were the main food item on the menu. Furthermore, customers purchased more waffles on the menu than any other item. There are approximately 2,100 Waffle House locations in the United States, and the majority of these restaurants are in the southern United States.

In addition to waffles, Waffle House serves eggs, steak, hashbrowns, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast bowls.

What makes this restaurant unique is that patrons who come in can have a full view of the cooking area. Waffle House also offers customers the opportunity to make reservations for certain occasions such as Valentine’s Day with candles lights and birthday deals.

New Waffle House Menu Prices;


All-Star Special$8.51
All-Star Special with Large Hashbrowns$8.51
Texas Bacon or Sausage, Egg & Cheese Melt with Hasbrowns$7.49
Cheese ‘N Eggs with Bacon, Sausage, or City Ham$7.95
Hashbrown Bowl$7.95
Steak & Eggs$10.05
Waffle House Menu Prices

Toddle House Omelets

Ham & Cheese (Omelet)$6.64
Make It a 3-Egg Omelet$0.45
Hold the Yolks$0.57
Waffle House Menu Prices

Steak & Eggs

T-Bone & Eggs10 oz$12.15
Steak & Eggs5 oz$10.05
Country Ham & Eggs$8.17
Papa Joe’s Pork Chops & Eggs2 Chops$8.85
Papa Joe’s Pork Chops & Eggs3 Chops$11.12
Grilled Chicken & Eggs1 Breast$8.23
Grilled Chicken & Eggs2 Breast$10.50
Waffle House Menu Prices


Eggs3 Eggs$4.54
Eggs2 Eggs$4.09
Eggs1 Egg$3.63
Cheese ‘N Eggs$5.22
Waffle House Menu Prices


Pecan Waffle$4.03
Add Chocolate Chips or Peanut Butter Waffle$0.28
Waffle House Menu Prices

Sandwiches & Texas Melts

Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich$4.37
Sausage Egg & Cheese Texas Melt$5.28
Bacon Egg & Cheese Sandwich$4.37
Bacon Egg & Cheese Texas Melt$5.28
Waffle House Menu Prices

Value Dollar Menu

Grilled Biscuit & Jelly$1.14
“Original” Angus Hamburger$1.14
Double “Original” Angus Cheeseburger$2.27
Grilled Chicken Biscuit$3.41
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Grits Bowl$3.41
Grilled Sausage or Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit$3.41
Two Grilled Biscuits & Sausage Gravy$3.41
Two Grilled Sausage or Bacon Biscuits$3.41
One Egg Breakfast & Drink$4.54
Bert’s Chili & 3 Toppings$4.54
Hashbrowns Scattered “All the Way”$5.68
Pecan Waffle & Drink$5.68
Grilled Ham & Cheese with Hashbrowns$5.68
Waffle House Menu Prices


Bacon3 Slices$4.31
Bacon5 Slices$4.31
Sausage2 Patties$3.06
Sausage3 Patties$4.31
City Ham$3.06
Country Ham$4.60
Bowl of GritsRegular$2.21
Bowl of GritsLarge$2.78
Bowl of Cheese Grits$2.78
Waffle House Menu Prices

Kid’s Meals

Kid’s Waffle with Bacon or Sausage$4.82
Kid’s 1 Egg Breakfast$4.82
Waffle House Menu Prices

Lunch and Dinner

Bacon Angus Cheeseburger Deluxe with Hashbrowns$7.55
Bacon Angus Double Cheeseburger Deluxe with Hashbrowns$9.25
Grilled Bacon Chicken Cheese Deluxe with Hashbrowns$8.40
Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt with Hashbrowns$8.68
Texas Bacon Patty Melt with Hashbrowns$8.46
T-Bone Steak Dinner with a Garden Salad, Hashbrowns, and Texas Toast$12.49
Waffle House Menu Prices

Texas Melts

Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melt$6.47
Texas Bacon Chicken Melt$6.53
Texas Bacon Patty Melt$6.24
Texas Cheesesteak Melt$5.22
Texas Angus Patty Melt$4.99
Texas Grilled Chicken Melt$5.28
Texas Sausage Melt$4.82
Waffle House Menu Prices

100% Angus Burgers

Double Cheeseburger$5.79
Bacon Cheeseburger$5.33
“Original” Angus Hamburger$1.14
Waffle House Menu Prices

Wraps & Sandwiches

Grilled Bacon Chicken Cheese$6.19
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$4.37
Ham & Cheese$4.43
Texas Bacon Lover’s B.L.T.$5.16
Grilled Cheese$2.67
Waffle House Menu Prices
waffle house breakfast menu
waffle house breakfast menu


T-Bone Steak10 oz$12.49
Sirloin5 oz$10.27
Waffle House Menu Prices

Classic Dinners

Papa Joe’s Pork Chops2 Chops$9.53
Papa Joe’s Pork Chops3 Chops$11.81
Grilled Chicken1 Breast$9.02
Grilled Chicken2 Breast$11.29
Waffle House Menu Prices


Bert’s ChiliRegular$3.75
First Topping on Chili$0.57
Additional Topping on Chili$0.45
Waffle House Menu Prices


Garden Salad$3.58
Grilled Chicken Salad$6.75
Waffle House Menu Prices

Kid’s Meals

Kid’s Cheeseburger with Hashbrowns$4.82
Kid’s Grilled Cheese with Hashbrowns$4.82
Waffle House Menu Prices


Southern Pecan or Triple ChocolateRegular$2.55
Southern Pecan or Triple ChocolateSmall$1.42
Waffle House Menu Prices


Hashbrowns “All the Way”Regular$5.68
First Topping$0.57
Additional Topping$0.45
Waffle House Menu Prices


Soft Drinks$2.04
Alice’s Iced Tea$2.04
Alice’s Iced Tea-Monade$2.04
Orange JuiceLarge$2.04
Orange Juice(To Go)Regular$2.04
Orange Juice (To Go)Large$2.61
Ice Cold MilkRegular$2.04
Ice Cold MilkLarge$2.38
Ice Cold Milk (To Go)Regular$2.04
Ice Cold Milk (To GoLarge$2.61
Chocolate MilkRegular$2.04
Chocolate MilkLarge$2.61
Hot Chocolate$2.04
Hot Tea$2.04
Waffle House Menu Prices


Dark Roast$2.04
Coffee (To Go)Regular$2.04
Coffee (To Go)Large$2.61
Waffle House Menu Prices

In 1955, two Georgia neighbors opened up a restaurant that would change the world. Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Forkner were living in Avondale Estates, GA, when they decided to open a 24-hour, sit-down restaurant for their friends and neighbors, focused on people on both sides of the counter. That first restaurant opened the door to create the Waffle House brand that you see today.

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As this movement began to expand, new restaurants were built in Georgia as well as neighboring states, and the “Yellow Sign” soon became a familiar landmark along city streets and interstate highways across the country. Today, the Waffle House system is more than 1,900 locations in 25 states. All open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Waffle House Website.

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Does Waffle House have a secret menu?

Depending on the type of disaster and how bad it is, Waffle House has four secret menus for diners to choose from. The selection includes a menu for when the power is out, a menu for when the water is not running, and two other limited menus that feature a wider range of choices depending on customer volume.

Does Waffle House make omelettes?

Waffle House has plenty of options when it comes to its omelets. Go for the classic one with American cheese, choosing a side of grits, hash browns or tomatoes. Another popular menu item is the fiesta omelette, which features hickory-smoked ham, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, grilled onions and American cheese.

Does Waffle House make French toast?

We always come for the waffle special and French Toast special for weekend brunch.
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