winghouse menu prices

WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices

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wing house prices
wing house prices

WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices

Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill is an American restaurant that was established in Largo, Florida, in the year of 1994. In most locations, the restaurants’ opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.  Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill has a number of 24 restaurants all over the state of Florida, and they also have plans to expand their business. 

They serve a variety of wings, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, tacos, salads, desserts, and the list goes on. Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill gives customers what they’ve been asking for – a cool, fun environment where they can be laid back, enjoy the game, meet, and interact with friends.

Sports fans across Florida can visit Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill and enjoy a huge main course meal, plus get served by the restaurants’ most vibrant and popular WingHouse girls all day. 

There is a list of menu additions that customers can enjoy at Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill, such as their Korean BBQ wings in sweet soy sauce, their Dallas wing flavor, and so much more.

New WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices;


Original Chicken Wings5 Wings$8.50
Original Chicken Wings10 Wings$14.18
Original Chicken Wings20 Wings$26.10
Original Chicken Wings50 Wings$60.15
Buffalo Chicken Wings5 Wings$8.50
Buffalo Chicken Wings10 Wings$14.18
Buffalo Chicken Wings20 Wings$26.10
Buffalo Chicken Wings50 Wings$60.15
Naked Chicken Wings5 Wings$9.64
Naked Chicken Wings10 Wings$15.31
Boneless Wings$11.91
Original All Flappers5 Wings$9.07
Original All Flappers10 Wings$15.30
Original All Flappers20 Wings$28.34
Original All Flappers50 Wings$65.82
Buffalo All Flappers5 Wings$8.97
Buffalo All Flappers10 Wings$15.30
Buffalo All Flappers20 Wings$28.34
Buffalo All Flappers50 Wings$65.82
All Drums5 All Drums$9.64
All Drums10 All Drums$16.44
All Drums20 All Drums$30.61
All Drums50 All Drums$71.44
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


Fried Mushrooms$8.50
Fried Pickles Chips$7.93
Spinach Artichoke Dip$9.07
Saucy Buffalo Shrimp$11.34
Buffalo Cauliflower$9.07
Chicken Strips$11.34
Signature Nachos$10.20
Pretzel Bites$9.07
Cheese Sticks$7.93
Cheezy Bacon Potato Skins$9.07
Texas ChiliCup$4.53
Texas ChiliBowl$6.23
Onion Rings$7.93
WingHouse Quesadillas(Cheese)$9.07
WingHouse Quesadillas(Chicken)$13.61
WingHouse Quesadillas(Veggie)$10.20
WingHouse Quesadillas(Steak)$13.61
Pulled Chix Nachos$11.34
Buffalo Chicken Dip$10.20
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


The Chick Next Door$13.61
Char-Grilled Chicken Sandwich$11.91
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$12.47
Philly Cheesesteak$12.47
Korean Bbq Ribs$12.47
Baby Back Ribs$24.96
Chicken Sliders$11.34
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


Buffalo Wraps(Chicken)$11.91
Buffalo Wraps(Shrimp)$13.04
Philly Cheesesteak Wrap$12.47
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


Big Daddy’s Black and Bleu$14.18
Blacksmith Bacon Burger$14.18
Mushroom Swiss Burger$13.61
WingHouse Sliders$11.34
All American Cheese Burger$12.47
Blazin Burger$14.74
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


Grouper Tacos$13.04
Shrimp Tacos$13.61
Chicken Tacos$11.34
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


Fish And Chips$13.61
Crispy Cod Sandwich$12.47
Grouper Bites$12.47
Gulf Coast Grouper Sandwich$17.02
Saucy Buffalo Shrimp$11.34
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


WingHouse Salad$8.50
Caesar Salad$8.50
Spinach Salad$9.64
Buffalo Chicken Salad$11.91
Backyard Bbq Chicken Salad$13.61
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices
winghouse menu
winghouse menu


Chicken Strips$5.66
Mac & Cheese$5.66
Cheese Quesadilla$5.66
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


Addon Sides$1.12
Steamed Broccoli$3.39
Tater Tots$4.53
Steak Fries$4.53
Curly Fries$4.53
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


Iced Tea$3.39
Bottled Water$3.39
Red Bull$4.26
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices


Chocolate Cake$6.80
WingHouse Bar & Grill Menu Prices

WingHouse Bar & Grill® first opened its doors over 25 years ago in Largo, Florida, where the concept to blend the spirit and camaraderie of sports with the casual atmosphere of a full-service restaurant was brought to life by NFL alum, Crawford Ker. Today, WingHouse has grown to 24 locations that span across the state of Florida and entertains a loyal fan-base which embodies that spirit.

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Our restaurants are known for their fan-friendly atmosphere where people go to watch the big game, socialize with friends – AND the World Famous WingHouse Girls who serve them. With un-matched levels of attentive hospitality and contagious energy, they are more than servers, the WingHouse Girls are an extension of the party and our biggest brand ambassadors.

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Who is the owner of WingHouse?

WingHouse Bar & Grill® first opened its doors over 25 years ago in Largo, Florida, where the concept to blend the spirit and camaraderie of sports with the casual atmosphere of a full-service restaurant was brought to life by NFL alum, Crawford Ker.

Is WingHouse a chain?

WingHouse Bar & Grill (formerly Ker’s WingHouse Bar & Grill) is a restaurant chain based in Florida, created and founded by Ed Burnett, a Canadian restaurant entrepreneur.

How much did WingHouse sell for?

Tampa Bay’s WingHouse acquired by Jacksonville company in $18 million deal. Tampa’s Third Like Capital now major shareholder in restaurant’s new owners. TAMPA — Jacksonville restaurant holding company ARC Group has purchased local chain WingHouse for $18 million, the companies announced this week.
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